Mike Dunkin has been producing videos for the commercial market since establishing Spiel Productions in 2010, including campaigns for Unilever and Hitachi. Delivering a full suite of services as a video creator behind the camera and in advance post-production, Mike has delivered videos in range of styles for many companies all over the world. Gaining experience on set creating short films, commercials and music videos, Mike took his skills a film maker to the next level when hired by Tornado Studios to write and direct The Red Haven in 2017-a period horror film set in Wales during the 14th century.

In 2018 Mike’s time creating trailers and explainer videos for Posterity Entertainment lead to the opportunity to produce, write and direct Don’t let them in, a horror film which would see release on DVD and streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime. Forming WayOut Pictures with long time collaborater Dan Aldron, the film received a positive critical response from a wide range of publications, including Rue Morgue and would be Geek Legion of Doom’s number 1 movie of 2020.

From here Mike, with the newly formed WayOut Pictures would continue the relationship with Posterity, and begin work on their next project together- Bloodshore. Teaming up with Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive, Mike and his team would be taking on a far greater challenge- and interactive movie. With the help of new WayOut Pictures producer- Daniel Harriman, Bloodshore was shot over a 4 week period in late 2020 during the pandemic. Bloodshore would consist of 8 hours of film, giving players a different experience with each playthrough.

Looking to the future, Mike is currently working on a number of projects to expand his filmography, looking for new challenges to grow his skills as a film maker.